5 Best Dog Treats For Huskies In 2022

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Wondering about the best dog treats for Huskies in 2021? Fret no more!

My friend recently sought my help to find treats for his furry son Mango, an Alaskan Husky.

I had to research husky nutrition, check out the hundreds of treats available, and surf through thousands of customer reviews.

Finally, I shortlisted 5 treats for my friend to share with his son. After some consideration, he believed that the Pet Jerky Factory Premium Dog Treats is the best choice for Mango.

In short, Huskies benefit best from high-protein meat-based treats that contain little to no grains.

Read on to find out more!

Our Best Dog Treats For Huskies

  1. Best overall Husky dog treat: Pet Jerky Factory Premium Dog Treats
  2. Best Husky dog treat with dental cleaning properties: GREENIES Grain Free Natural Dental Dog Treats (Regular)
  3. Best Husky dog treat for low-budget and convenience: Purina Beggin’ Fun Size Dog Treats
  4. Best Husky dog treat for joint health: Nudges Jerky Cuts Health & Wellness
  5. Best Husky dog treat for coat health: The Honest Kitchen Dog Ocean Chews Treats

5 Best Dog Treats For Huskies Reviewed

All dog treats reviewed here have at least an 80% positive rating, and the information provided is accurate at the time of review.

1. Pet Jerky Factory Premium Dog Treats

Limited ingredientsPricy
Comes in 6 different flavors 

The jerky is high in protein and low in fat. Therefore, you do not have to worry about feeding too much fat to your Husky while still providing plenty of proteins for it.

As the jerkies are made up of around 5-7 ingredients (depending on flavor), your Husky is less likely to experience allergy issues. Also, this treat is grain-free, making it suitable for Huskies, which do not need that much carbohydrates.

These treats come in long strips, so you will have to spend time cutting or breaking them up if you intend to feed in smaller pieces. Also, they can be a bit pricy due to the excellent quality, so they may not be a good choice if you are on a limited budget.

Product details:

  • Manufactured in: USA
  • Size: Long strip
  • Flavors: Chicken, Chicken & Sweet Potato, Beef & Banana, Duck & Blueberry, Turkey, and Turkey & Pumpkin
  • Texture: Soft and chewy

2. GREENIES Grain Free Natural Dental Dog Treats (Regular)

Has dental cleaning propertiesLong list of ingredients
Recommended by vets and VOHC accepted 
Variations available for dogs of all weight 

Vets recommend this dental chew, and they are also approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), so you can be assured of the quality. They can help to clean your Husky’s gums and freshens its breath.

These dental chews do come in a variety of sizes to suit dogs of different weights. Most Huskies will fall in the 25-50 lbs category and feed on the regular dental chews. But some big-sized males may weigh more than 50 lbs, so they will need a large dental chew.

These dental chews have a long list of ingredients, presumably to have teeth cleaning and breath freshening properties. Do check the list of ingredients to ensure that your Husky is not allergic to any of the listed ingredients.

Product details:

  • Manufactured in: Kansas City
  • Size: Long stick
  • Flavors: Grain-free original
  • Texture: Chewy

3. Purina Beggin’ Fun Size Dog Treats

7 kcal per pieceNot the healthiest choice
Good value for the price 
Picky eaters love them 

Purina Beggin treats have a low calorie of 7 kcal per piece of treat, which is good for weight maintenance. Also, each piece of fun-size treat is about twice the size of a coin, the perfect bite-size for medium-sized dogs like Huskies.

Many owners reviewed that their picky dogs loved the taste of this treat and would go crazy for them. Combined with the low price and the size, this treat makes an excellent high-value treat during your Huskys training sessions.

However, these wavy strips do contain sugar, preservatives, and other additives. While they may not cause direct health issues, it is also not the healthiest choice.

Product details:

  • Manufactured in: USA
  • Size: Bite-size wavy strips
  • Flavor: Bacon and Bacon & Cheese
  • Texture: Hard

4. Nudges Jerky Cuts Health & Wellness

Good for joint healthOnly 1 flavor
Easy to tearMold in some batches
Picky eaters love them 

The Nudges jerky contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which are good for bone and joint health. Huskies that exercise a lot may wear and tear their joints easily, so these treats will help mitigate some of these problems.

Although the treats come in large pieces, they can be torn quickly and easily if you want to feed your Husky in smaller portions. Tearing it into half or one-third of the original size should be just right for treating purposes.

Owners also stated that their picky dogs love the taste of this jerky, so if your Husky is a picky eater, do try this treat with it.

However, there had been incidences whereby the treats were moldy or the packets shipped were very close to the expiry date. Therefore, if you purchase these treats, check the expiry date and the treats in it thoroughly before feeding any to your dog.

Product details:

  • Manufactured in: USA
  • Size: Flat and bigger than bite-size
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Texture: Chewy

5. The Honest Kitchen Dog Ocean Chews Treats

Only 1 ingredientMight pose a choking hazard
Contains omega-3 for coat health 
Human grade and non-GMO certified 

The Ocean Chews are made solely from dehydrated fish skins. Unless your Husky is allergic to fish, these chews are safe to consume. These fish skins contain omega-3, which will help in maintaining your Huskys coat health.

Although these treats are for dogs, they are made with human-grade ingredients in a human food factory, ensuring the quality of the treats. They are also certified by the Non-GMO Project, so these treats are 100% natural.

A few owners do report the chews being a choking hazard for their dogs. To avoid this problem, you may want to cut the treats into smaller pieces – and they can be tough to cut!

Product details:

  • Manufactured in: Europe
  • Size: Long sticks
  • Flavors: Wolffish Skins and Cod Fish Skins
  • Texture: Dry and hard

Husky Dog Treats Buying Considerations

According to the AKC, dog breeds are classified into 7 different groups: Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Hearding, and Non-Sporting.

Huskies fall into the Working group, which means that they were initially bred to assist humans in their work. Some examples are guarding properties, pulling carts and sleds, and getting trained for search-and-rescue purposes.

This means that Huskies are very active and will need to be given enough nutrition to support their energy levels.

Husky Diet and Nutrition

Huskies are very similar to their ancestors, the wolf, and hence their nutritional needs are also very similar to wolves.

Therefore, Huskies will benefit most from meat-based treats that provide a lot of protein with some fats.

As Huskies do have a significant coat, consumption of omega-3 fatty acids will help to maintain coat health.

Therefore, you may want to consider feeding your Husky fish treats from time to time.

Ingredients To Take Note

Common meats like chicken, beef, and lamb are good for Huskies unless your dog has an allergy to the meat proteins. Fish is also a healthy option for dogs to eat.

While Huskies can take grain if they don’t have any grain-related allergies, it should be consumed in much smaller amounts and only occasionally.

Fruits and vegetables are also good for your Husky’s health but similar to grains, they should be fed in moderation and infrequently.

Size of Treats

Huskies are big dogs. Hence, they need larger treats than, for instance, toy breeds.

When you select treats, you have to get treats that are big-sized enough so that your Husky actually feels that it is being treated, not eating leftover crumbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Treating Huskies

We will be addressing some FAQs in this section. If you have a question that is not listed here, you can always contact us, and we will give you a reply.

Can Huskies eat raw meat?

Yes, Huskies can eat raw meat, especially since they are very suited for diets with densely concentrated animal protein and fat.

However, do understand that there are risks when you feed your Husky raw meat. It is easy for raw meat to get contaminated with bacteria if they are not stored, handled, and transported correctly.

Do Huskies prefer chewy treats?

Some owners may think that Huskies prefer chewy treats because of how strong their jaw muscles are and their strength in chewing toys and other things.

That is not true. Each dog’s preferences are different from others, and the tastes are not bound by breed, age, or size.

You will have to find out your Husky’s preference by trial-and-error coupled with observation of its reactions to the different types of treats.

How many treats should I give my Husky per day?

Most Huskies originate from areas with colder climates. Hence, their bodies are also genetically wired to burn more protein during winter seasons to keep themselves warm.

This means that they will need lesser protein intake in Summer and more protein intake in Winter [1].

As such, you can feed your Husky more treats during Winter and feed lesser treats during Summer.

Also, some manufacturers will print a guideline on the packet suggesting the number of treats to feed your dog each day. That can be a good starting point in deciding how many treats you want to feed your dog.

Our Verdict

Huskies will need larger-size meat-based treats which are high in proteins and low in carbohydrates.

The Pet Jerky Factory Premium Dog Treats are the best dog treats for Huskies under most circumstances.

Remember to vary the number of treats you feed your Husky according to the season!