I’m Jia Le, and I have owned dogs with my family for over 15 years.

Our first dog is a female Shih Tzu given to us by our father’s friend, who worked in the factory. She came into our family in 2004, an affectionate dog who learned many skills and tricks quickly.  She stayed until 2005 when we had to give her up for adoption because of some family complications.

Our second dog is a male Poodle that we adopted from the shelter in 2006. He quickly grew attached to my sister and was fiercely protective over her to the point that we (the other family members) could not get near her at all. We tried to bring him to training classes to mellow down his protectiveness, but it did not succeed. After a year, we returned him to the shelter.

Our third dog is a male Jack Russel Terrier that we adopted from another family in 2008. Everything was fine until we realized that he would have anxiety issues when no humans were around him, something that the previous owner did not disclose. When he got anxious, he would lose control of his bladder. We tried to bring him to various veterinarians and trainers, but they could not suggest ways to help his anxiety issues. In the end, we found a family who usually had at least a person at home to adopt him.

Our fourth and longest-lasting dog entered our home in 2010 and remained with us even until now. She is a lovely female Chihuahua, a runt when we bought her from a responsible pet breeder. Without any complications, she will be with us until the day she passes away.

Over the years, people have asked me about dog-related information and experiences whenever they heard of my long history with family dogs. When I can answer them, I will; if not, I will either do some research before replying or suggest that they speak with more qualified personnel, such as the veterinarian.

Those experiences prompted me to consider making a website and sharing the knowledge and information I know with all other dog owners and potential dog owners out there.

If you are a fellow dog owner that wants to share your experiences and knowledge, please feel free to contact me!